Mustangs at Las Colinas (Irving, Texas)

Mustangs at Las Colinas Sculpture

Commemorating the wild mustangs that were so important to the original Texans before it was even a part of Mexico, Mustangs at Las Colinas is a realistic, larger than life bronze sculpture by Robert Glen. Located at Williams Square in Irving, Texas, the sculpture was commissioned in 1976 but was not installed till 1984.  It was almost immediately given, along with the rest of the plaza setting, a National Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

One of the important features of the sculpture is the water course extending 400 feet under the hoofs of the running horses.  With small fountains seemingly creating splashes from their feet, the horses seem to be galloping across the gently sloping granite paved courtyard.

Mustangs at Las Colinas Facts

  • It is one of the largest equestrian sculpture in the world.
  • The horses are 1.5 times life size.
  • The sculpture commemorates the wild mustangs that were historically important to the first inhabitants of Texas and the pioneering spirit that made the state.
  • The Mustangs of Las Colinas Museum is located adjacent to the sculpture and features exhibits and a film about the work’s creation.
  • There are other sculpture by Robert Glen in the museum as well.