I lived in Bakersfield, California for 22 years and other than a short trip to Mexico and a few trips to the beach I had not ventured that far from home.  Three weeks before my 23rd birthday I moved to Seattle and that’s where my life of adventure began.  I took my first international trip, met my wife, and started school there.  If I had never made that move I would have never backpacked South America, or spent my honeymoon in Vietnam.  If I had not been adventurous enough to move away from the comfort of home, I would never have really known what it means to be at home wherever you are.  While I have not traveled to all of the places that are listed in Buyoya.com, I hope to someday check each of them off my list.

While this has been my brainchild, a number of people have been involved in creating the work here, and without their help in writing and editing none if this would have been possible.  The inspiration for the work has come from a variety of places and with the amazing world we live in I don’t think we will ever run out of things to write about.  Researching, visiting, and sharing these stories about amazing locations around the world have made all the hard work well worth it.

Thank you,