What is Buyoya?

Buyoya is a collection of sites, roadside attractions, events, and stories intended to inspire and assist in seeing the world with new and fresh eyes. We are searching for the best and most interesting sites in the world and trying to share our love of travel. We intend to have the out-of-the way places that few people have the chance to see be in the front of everybody’s mind, and we hope to inspire road trips with loved ones, vacations with friends, and single nights out in foreign countries. We also want to help build the spirit of adventure that is alive in each of us.

How is Buyoya pronounced?

While it looks like it’s pronounced Buy-Oi-Yah, it’s actually closer to Boo-Yoy-Yuh.

Why is the site called Buyoya?

Buyoya was the name of a friend of our founder and he passed away in 2013. A young man filled with adventurous spirit and a lust for life unlike any other. He spoke several languages, traveled the world, and made every person he met feel like they were the most important person in a room filled with important people. It is our desire that when people hear the name they will associate it with living this short life we have in the best possible way and seeing possibilities in every opportunity.

Can I suggest places for Buyoya to add?

Absolutely!  Not only do we hope to inspire you, we hope you will inspire us. We want everyone to share the places they have seen and the adventures they have had, not just with us but with anyone that will listen and anyone that can find a way to share in that joy.

Can I add content other than “Places to See” to Buyoya?

Sights, photos, events, tours, and content may be added by anyone who wishes to share, but all contributions will be reviewed by our editorial team. And while almost all sights are of interest to someone, Buyoya will not accept any content it considers inappropriate, illegal, or vulgar.

What are your photo guidelines for submission?

All submitted photos must be legally and freely available to use without copyright infringement. They must be either in the public domain, used with permission of the photographer/artist, of shared under creative commons. We prefer that photos shared are original work and not from the internet but if they are from other sources the photographer must be credited and a link to the page found must be included.

What makes a photo a good choice for Buyoya?

The more special the photo is to you, the more special it is to us. If you have been to an out of the way site and want to share that with us we hope that you will freely do so. There are some things that we are always looking for in photo submissions though.

  • Unique photos of unique places and unexpected events
  • Horizontal orientation
  • At least 600 x 400 pixels
  • Specific places (ie. “Salar de Uyuni” as opposed to “Bolivia”)
  • Places that exist in the actual world and may be viewed by others if they were inclined to visit
  • No visual accreditation or watermarks
  • Clear photos with few people (unless the people are the content of course)