The Gopher Hole Museum (Torrington, Alberta)

Gopher Hole Museum
Photo by Eileenmak

They say that the time to buy a taxidermy squirrel is when you see it, not when you need it.

It just so happens that a little museum in Torrington, Alberta is living by that mantra, and having been graced with the World Famous Torrington Gopher Hole Museum, the world is a better place fo it. A place where taxidermy Richardson’s Ground Squirrels (not actually gophers) are posed like townspeople, and a place that proves there’s a good use for any skill.

Located at the corner of 2nd avenue and 1st street, and roughly the size of a large R.V., the Gopher Hole Museum offers 47 anthropomorphic scenes with gophers are dressed in human costumes and placed against beautifully painted backdrops. The gophers are posed individually or in small groups and include among many others, a duck hunter, priest, bank robber, blacksmith, hair dresser, firefighter, and even an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Tiny Blacksmith Gopher
Photo by Alan Levine

The little glassy eyed rodents, eternally staring out of their cabinets could easily have come across as weird or creepy, but there is actually something quite charming about this odd museum that makes it feel more like an avant-garde art instillation. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood it is certainly worth dropping by. And as an added bonus, you can add a pin to their map if you happen to be a visitor from somewhere new.

World Map of Visitors to The Gopher Hole Museum
Photo of World Visitors Map by Alan Levine

Visiting the Gopher Hole Museum

Travel North from Calgary, Alberta on the main highway to provincial route 27, then follow route 27 into Torrington. A large gopher sign lets you know you’re in the right place.