The Fort Worth Water Gardens (Fort Worth, Texas)

Fort Worth, Texas Water Gardens

Designed by New York architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee, The Fort Worth Water Gardens is an architectural and engineering wonder as well as a highly visited (especially in the summer months) water feature in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas adjacent to the Fort Worth Convention Center.

The Fort Worth Water Gardens, built in 1974, features 4.3 acre (1.7 hectare) frequently called a “cooling oasis in the concrete jungle”.  With three pools, a terraced knoll which helps to shield the park from the city, and a blue meditation pull flanked with cypress trees, the park is cooler and quieter than the rest of the city.

Fort Worth Water Gardens Facts

  • It was temporarily closed to the public for three years after four people died there on June 16, 2004. All issues were corrected and it has been safe ever since.
  • The Water Gardens routinely ranks in the top 10 things to see in Fort Worth.
  • A scene in the film Logan’s Run was filmed in the active pool at the Water Gardens in July 1975.