Southfork Ranch (Parker, Texas)

Southfork Ranch perched on the roaming 200 acre estate

Made famous by the 1980s TV series Dallas, Southfork Ranch is one of America’s most well known conference and event centers.  Actually located 25 miles north of Dallas in Parker, Texas, Southfork Ranch was the fictional home of the fictional character J.R. Ewing, played by actor Larry Hagman from 1978-1991.  With the exception of the first five episodes of the long running series, Southfork Ranch has been tied to the show and exterior shots were filmed on location from 1978 to 1989.

Built in 1970 by Joe Duncan and named for his family, the estate was originally known as Duncan Acres.  With a 200 acre property, the stately 5,900 square foot home seems to rest comfortably on the grounds.  The ranch is now owned by Forever Resorts and is available for special occasions.  It is also home to a Christian radio station and serves as the meeting place of ultra conservative events

Southfork Ranch Facts

  • There was a studio mock-up of the ranch’s exterior built in California for filming when the weather in Parker was not cooperating with shooting schedules.
  • The current estate features a J.R. Ewing room where a memorial book for fans to sign is housed.
  • A memorial service was held at Southfork Ranch in December 2012 for actor Larry Hagman.
  • The Duncan family continued to live in the house during the height of Dallas’ popularity.