Storelgen (Stor-Elvdal, Norway)

Photo by Lisa Oinonen

Storelgen, more commonly known as the Big Elk, is despite its 34 feet of height, not the world’s largest sculpture of a moose. Though it briefly held that title, it is currently outpaced by only one other.

Located near the village of Atna in Stor-Elvdal, Hedmark, Norway, Storelgen was created by the Norwegian artist Linda Bakke in conjunction with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Paid for by a donation from Sparebank1 Hedmark art foundation. The incredible sculpture cost a little more than €200,000, and the construction and installation took just about six months.

Surrounded by the €2.7 million ($3 million) Bjøråa picnic area and rest stop, Storelgen’s proximity to National Road 3 is more an attempt to reduce traffic accidents by encouraging drivers to take a break and be aware of wildlife on the roads, than it is simply a piece of art.

From the time of its construction in 2009 to 2019, Storelgen was the world’s largest moose. The title previously belonged to the Canadian Mac the Moose, who has regained the world’s largest position after some renovations.

Storelgen Facts

  • Storelgen translates to “the big elk” in Norwegian.
  • Stor-Elvdal has the third-highest moose population in Norway.
  • The 10.3 metre (34 ft) tall moose was about 50 centimetres (20 in) taller than the previous record holder.
  • Constructed of polished stainless steel, the big elk was produced in Beijing, China and shipped to Norway for installation.