Flat Iron Sculpture (Asheville, North Carolina)

The Big Iron
Photo by dangerismycat

Created by artist Reed Todd in 1997, the Flat Iron Sculpture in Asheville, North Carolina is conveniently positioned across from the city’s famous 1926 Flat Iron Building. Loved by locals and tourists alike, Todd’s sculpture is a humorous nod to the historic building and the city itself. It’s something of a tribute to the history that made the city so special, and the thriving local modern art movement that keeps it one of the South’s most vibrant.

Located at the corner of Battery Park Ave. and Wall St. Street, the 8-foot-tall flat iron replica was modeled on irons used at the Asheville Laundry, and everywhere else for that matter, at the beginning of the 20th century.

In the early morning hours of 28 Feb, 2009, the Flat Iron aided the police by getting in the way of a speeding white Pontiac G6. What actually happened was that the driver of said Pontiac was fleeing police, who suspected he was under the influence, and ran into the sculpture. Since the iron is quite heavy, and is in fact a giant piece of metal, it was moved from its base but did not fall over.

Asheville Flat Iron Sculpture Facts

  • The Flat Iron belongs to the Asheville Public Art Collection.
  • The 8-foot-tall (2.43 m) iron has a 58 inch (147 cm) high handle.
  • As well as being a piece of modern art, the giant iron serves as a popular landmark and meeting place.
  • When the iron was struck by a car in 2009 it moved more than six feet from.
  • In 2005, the iron was completely covered in a custom crocheted sweater courtesy of the fine people or Purl’s Yarn Emporium.