Two Rabbits (St. Louis, Missouri)

Two Rabbits
Photo by Ron Cogswell

Sculptor Tom Claassen is known for creating subject matter that seems light and weightless while actually being nearly permanent and immovable. His untitled piece, commonly refereed to as “Two Rabbits”, at the Citygarden in St. Louis, Missouri is a perfect example of the duality of his work and attempts to change the way see and interact with public art.

The Two Rabbits, though they appear to be made of marshmallows, are actually painted bronze, and their placement on the ground instead of high up on a pedestal adds to the feeling that they are fluffy rabbits spending their day in the park. This was an intentional decision made by Claassen to depart from the was we normally see monuments and public art installations.

Claassen’s ability to blend the harsh and the soft elements of sculpture have added to his international recognition as an installation artist, and have increased the demand for his work around the world. Many of his works feature animals or human subjects that bridge the gap between cartoonish attractions and classical abstraction seen in very few other artists.

Two Rabbits Facts

  • The dimensions of the Two Rabbits is 87″ x 61″ x 55″, 63″ x 68″ x 45″ respectively.
  • The sculptures may be found at Citygarden, 801 Market Street St. Louis, MO 63101.
  • The Two Rabbits were installed in 2004 and are owned by the Gateway Foundation.
  • Claassen was born in The Netherlands in 1964 and attended the Academie St. Joost (1984-89).
  • In 1994 he was Awarded the Charlotte Kohler Prijs, a Dutch award for young talent (under the age of 35) in visual arts or theater.