World’s Smallest City Block (Dothan, Alabama)

World's Smallest City Block

Not one to be outdone by Portland, Oregon and their tiny Mill Ends Park that claims the title of the world’s smallest park, the town of Dothan, Alabama has its own world’s smallest record. Dothan is not known as the summer getaway for the rich and famous but they can lay claim the world’s smallest city block. Complete with a monument noting its status as the world’s smallest. This might in another city simply be considered a gravel filled median to separate traffic in the city center, but not in Dothan.

The tiny block is not just a special place for roadside attraction seekers, it’s also packed with incredible things to see. There is a stop sign, a street sign, a marker celebrating its status as the world’s smallest city block (that looks rather like a tombstone), and the pièce de résistance, a big red yield sign. You must certainly be asking yourself if there is really a yield sign, and we can assure you that the rumors are true, there is indeed.

The world’s smallest city block is actually a pretty great roadside attraction and is well worth the visit if you happen to be in the neighborhood. It’s the kind of place where someone has taken it upon themselves to find wonder and draw attention to something that would otherwise be overlooked. There’s a unique beauty on display here. It’s the beauty of people visiting the little quirky piece of land in the middle of the street, solely because it is fun.