World’s Largest Boot (Red Wing, Minnesota)

World's Largest Boot
Photo by Michel Curi

Weighing in at more that a ton, the World’s Largest Boot, known to Red Wing Shoes as The Big Boot, is a roadside attraction and creative advertising addition to the Red Wing Shoe Store & Museum. Most of the year the size 638 1/2 D (US) boot lives indoors protected from the elements, but on special occasions it takes to the street (pulled by a truck) and helps to add a bit of fun to celebrations, special events, and parades.

The big boot was built in 2005 to honor the Red Wing Shoe Company’s 100th anniversary, and if it weren’t for the fact that it’s giant, this boot is no different that any other classic Red Wing style 877. They say that it serves as a testament to the craftsmanship and unmistakable quality of Red Wing Shoes footwear, and there really is something special about this particular roadside attraction.

According to the legend surrounding the Big Boot, it is too big for the Statue of Liberty but that’s not technically accurate. According to the best sources out there, Lady Liberty wears a women’s size 879 (US) which is much larger than the Red Wing Giant. Based on the commonly accepted foot to height ratio of 6.6:1, the World’s Largest Boot is big enough to fit a 132 foot tall giant. That’s roughly 12 stories tall if you want to measure it in terms of comparative height.

The World’s Largest Boot Facts

  • The World’s largest Boot was made by Red Wing Shoe Company in 2005.
  • The boot is 2,300 lbs, 20 feet long and 16 feet tall.
  • The Red Wing Flagship Shoe Store is located in downtown Red Wing, Minnesota at 315 Main St, 55066.
  • The World’s Largest Boot is a left boot. Which would be great for a one footed giant.