Grave of Fred The Dog (Rockford, Alabama)

Fred the dog
Photo by Jimmy Emerson, DVM

In 1993 when a dirty and slightly more than disheveled dog made his way to the town of Rockford, Alabama, it could have ended in a number of ways. The local dog catcher could have scooped him up and he could have lived the rest of his life in a kennel, never free to smell the fresh air again, but Rockford is no ordinary city and Fred was apparently no ordinary dog.

After his arrival Fred quickly won the hearts of Rockford residents and it was determined that the beloved new member of the community should officially be granted the title of  “Town Dog”. Adopted as their mascot, Fred became something of a local celebrity best known for “writing” a regular column in the Coosa County News called “A Dog’s Life”, where he recounted the social interactions and noteworthy events of his day. He even appeared on the Animal Planet network before passing away in 2002.

Though he spent most of his time hanging out in Ken’s Package Store, Fred became such a member of the community that signs entering the city proudly proclaimed it to be the “home of Fred, the town dog”, and when he passed away he was granted the honor of a proper funeral and a permanent memorial at his grave site. Eternally sleeping behind the Old Rock Jail, Fred’s final resting place features a full-sized headstone so that  people from around the world are able stop by and properly pay their respects to one of Rockford’s most well-known and loved residents.

A lifelong stray, Fred the town dog has a forever home in the hearts of all those that knew him.

Fred the Dog Facts

  • Fred passed away on December 23, 2002 in a Birmingham animal hospital. He suffered a mysterious animal bite and was not able to recover.
  • Fred’s tombstone features a photo and the engraved note “Rockford’s Beloved Companion”.
  • Address: Palm Street, Rockford, Alabama (behind the Old Rock Jail).
  • Fred was inducted into the Alabama Animal Hall of Fame in 2004.
  • Fred lived in Rockford from 1993 to late 2002.
  • The monument to his honor was erected in May 2003.
  • GPS Coordinates: 32.8907067, -86.2209268
  • For a number of years welcome signs to the city of Rockford proudly claimed to be “Home of Fred the Town Dog.”