Alameda Spite House (Alameda, California)

Alameda Spite House
Photo by Lisle Boomer

Thanks to modern building codes and city ordinances, the concept of building a house out of spite has long since fallen from the list of great ways to piss off people you don’t like. Since the Alameda Spite House was built in a time when these regulations did not exist, we can be thankful for pettiness and the joy it brings us now.

Charles Froling inherited some property in Alameda and planned to build the home of his dreams on the small plot of land. Thanks to the growth of the city and the use of imminent domain, part of his land was taken to build Christ Street. Since he was then left with a narrow slip of land, and furiously angry with his neighbor’s agreement with the city, he built his now famous house to block as much of their view as he could.

Alameda Spite House Facts

  • The Alameda Spite House is 20 ft. high, 54 ft. long, and 10 ft. wide.
  • The house has been continually occupied since its construction more than 100 years ago.
  • If there was any question as to the motivation behind building the house, there is a small plaque that reads “Spite House” above the front door.