World’s Largest Beaver (Beaverlodge, Alberta)

World's Largest Beaver
Photo by Arthur Chapman

In July 2004, the northwestern Alberta town of Beaverlodge unveiled a three-meter high beaver, known unimaginatively as the Beaverlodge Beaver, to mark its 75th anniversary. Located just off of Highway 43 in a small park across the street from a cultural center, The World’s Largest Beaver welcomes visitors as it looks out over the majestic landscape.

Trade of beaver pelts played an important role in early exploration of Canada in the 1600s and since that time the adorable little trouble maker has gone on to be featured on stamps, coins, and billions of dollars’ worth of memorabilia. The beaver was officially granted status as an emblem of Canada in 1975 and if you live in a town named Beaverlodge there is really no other choice for a giant sculpture.

Alex Lojczyc, a local entrepreneur came up with the idea for the “Beaver Project” as a way to raise town spirits and encourage tourists to stop in the little town instead of passing it by if they happened to be nearby.

While Lojczyc may have been the man that came up with the idea, it took several companies and countless volunteers to make the vision a reality. The site was prepared by Dick’s Sand and Gravel, and on July 16th, 2004, the World’s Largest Beaver Sculpture was hauled from its birthplace in Calgary through Edmonton, then up Highway 43 to Beaverlodge by a Domart Energy by truck.

It took 90 gallons of polyurethane to coat The Beaverlodge Beaver, approximately 13 gallons of paint, and 18 giant blocks of foam to make the sculpture. Heavy Industries in Calgary built the beaver in two section, the beaver and the log. The beaver weighs 1,500 lbs and is 18′ long, 10′ wide and 10′ high. The log weighs 1,500 lbs and is 5′ high, 20′ long.

A double-sided sign next to the beaver displays information including the history of the town, the Beaver sculpture, and habitat information for wild beavers.

World’s Largest Beaver Facts

  • The Beaver occasionally lends a hand to special projects and was lit in blue for World Diabetes Day. Project Blue November.
  • GPS: N55° 12.247 W119° 25.393
  • The World’s Largest Beaver is included in the song “Giants of the Prairies” by Canadian polka band the Kubasonics.
  • The World’s Largest Beaver located along the highway in Beaverlodge, Alberta.
  • There is a large parking lot alongside the beaver but the park is actually on the small side and has limited places to spend time.

World’s Largest Beaver Measurements

The Beaver:
18′ (5.5m) long
10′ (3m) wide
10′ (3m) high
weighs: 1,500 lbs (680 kg)

The Log:
5′ (1.5m) high
20′ (6m) long
weighs 1,500 lbs (680 kg)