Wave Rock (Hyden, Western Australia)

Wave Rock in Hyden, Western Australia

Wave Rock is a natural rock formation with one of the most descriptive names an international attraction could possibly have. It is literally a long piece of rock that looks quite like a wave.

The 15 meter high, 110 meter long stone wave forms the northern edge of Hyden Rock in the town of Hyden, Western Australia.  A small part of the 160 ha nature reserve, Hyden Wildlife Park, Wave Rock has become a popular tourist destination for people looking to get out of Perth for a few days and see some of the amazing wonders Western Australia has to offer.

Wave Rock has cultural significance to the Ballardong indigenous Australian people of the southern region of Western Australia.  It is believed that the rock was left in the wake of the Rainbow Serpent as she dragged her body, swollen from consuming the water across the landscape.

Wave Rock Facts

  • More than 140,000 tourists visit Wave Rock every year.
  • Hyden Rock is 2.63 billion years old.
  • A wall above Wave Rock constructed in December 1928 by the Public Works Department collects and funnels rainwater to a storage dam.
  • Wave Rock is an example of a geological formation called a flared slope. A concave bedrock surface found at the base of inselbergs or granitic boulders.