The Ziggurat (Sacramento, California)

The Ziggurat Building in Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California may seem like an odd place to find a stepped pyramid, and it is. This is part of the reason the Ziggurat building stands out against its otherwise unspectacular surroundings as one of the tallest pyramids in the United States. The Ziggurat pyramid is a ten-story office building constructed in 1996 covering more than 7 acres and providing parking for 1649 cars which is a big deal if you’re in California.

Dessigned by Sacramento architect Edwin Kado, the Ziggurat was inspired by ancient Mesopotamian ziggurats, and was built as the headquarters of the Money Store in 1997. According to Kado, the shape was chosen partially because it connotes stability, which is interesting because The Money Store, which was founded in 1967, was forced to sell out in 1997.  Because of The Money Store’s poor management and focus on sub-prime mortgages, they were only in their new building for one year before being split up and moved by their new owners (First Union).

The Ziggurat pyramid building is currently home of the California Department of General Services and has been its headquarters since 2001.

The Ziggurat Facts

  • The Ziggurat is located at 707 3rd Street in West Sacramento, California.
  • The Money Store specialized in sub-prime home equity loans.
  • The building has more than 320,000 square feet (30,000 m2) of usable office space.
  • The exterior of the building is made of Minnesota Gray Buff limestone panels that weigh more than four tons each.
  • The Ziggurat was externally lit every night when it was originally, but since 2001 the lights are only turned on for special occasions.
  • The structural steel used for construction was designed and tested to resist an earthquake up to 6.8 on the Richter scale.