The Temple Bar (Dublin, Ireland)

The Temple Bar

Temple Bar often refers to the region and not to the pub which is known as “The Temple Bar”. For the sake of being thorough we have included a little information about both.  But let’s be honest… We’re here in the pub.

In 1599 Sir William Temple, a renowned teacher and philosopher, entered the service of the Lord Deputy of Ireland. In 1609, Temple was made Provost of Trinity College, Dublin and Master Chancery in Ireland and moved to Ireland. Temple built his home and gardens on newly reclaimed land at the corner of Temple Lane and the street called Temple Barr.

The Temple Bar (the actual pub) was officially established in 1840, and as one of the oldest bars in Ireland has become known around the world for a few things. It’s known for having some of the most famous Irish musicians on its stage at some point in their careers, and it’s known for a whiskey collection unparalleled anywhere else in Ireland.

The famous whiskey collection started when individual barrels were bottled and given unique labels and sometimes unique bottles. The combination of bottling direct from the barrels and purchasing direct from purveyors means that The Temple Bar not only more bottles than most bars, but also has some of the oldest and well respected whiskeys in the world.

Visiting The Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is a well-known tourist destination/roadside attraction and there is almost never a time when locals and tourists alike aren’t stretching out the doors.  With its red and black exterior, low hanging lamps, and obligatory bronze statue of James Joyce, The Temple Bar has quintessentially Irish feel that makes everyone feel at home.

Along with its whiskeys, The Temple Bar offers a variety of craft beers, sandwiches, oysters, and traditional pub fare.  If you can get a seat that is…

The Temple Bar Facts

  • At The Temple Bar in June 2011, Dave Browne broke the Guinness World Record for the Longest Marathon Playing Guitar when he played continually for 114 hours.
  • The Temple Bar is one of the most famous pubs in Dublin.
  • The Temple Bar has 450 bottles of whiskey.
  • It is the largest collection of whiskey in Ireland.
  • The pub is actually one of Ireland’s most visited tourist attractions.
  • The address is 47-48 Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland.