The Original Starbucks Coffee (Seattle, Washington)

Original Starbucks
Photo by Jason Burrows

The first Starbucks Coffee shop in the Pike Place Market of Seattle, Washington is the most famous of the coffee chains locations but it’s not actually the first. While it is most commonly called the Original Starbucks, it   is actually the second location and was opened after the real original location decided to move to a few blocks to  capitalize on the heavy foot traffic of the market.

The store has stayed with their original colors and appearance to pay homage to their humble beginnings, and while still serving coffee and chai has over the years become a tourist attraction with nearly constant lines. Thousands of people line up to visit the Original Starbucks everyday and it’s not for the coffee. There are in fact several Starbucks within easy walking distance with virtually no lines. They line up for the chance to see their coffee made with vintage manual espresso machines and to take photos with the weathered brown logo long since moved to the history books of Starbucks’ beginnings.

While it is not the actual first location of Starbucks, it is located in the same market that Starbucks opened in 1971. Despite the diminutive size of the coffee shop, this location is one of the busiest places in the Pike Place Market.

Original Starbucks Facts

  • The first Starbucks cafe was located at 2000 Western Avenue from 1971–1976.
  • The walnut for the tables, doors, and bar top was salvaged from a local  farm.
  • The wall tapestry is made of repurposed burlap coffee bags from Starbuck’s local roasting plant.
  • There are more than 26,000 Starbucks in 75 countries.
  • The cafe’s current location is 1912 Pike Place.
  • A small steel wire coat hook just inside the front door was hung in 1995 by store manager Alison Edwards for a particularly cantankerous client that had nowhere to hang her coat.
  • The Original Starbucks location has never offered seating.