National Corvette Museum (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Located just a quarter mile down the road from the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, where Corvettes have been made since 1981, the National Corvette Museum showcases the classic American sports car. The museum features more that 80 Corvettes including many prototypes and one offs.  With interactive kiosks, a gift shop, a great cafe, and a constantly changing collection, the museum offers several reasons for visitors to return if they have been away for more than a few months.

On February 12, 2014, a sinkhole opened under the floor of the museum, causing a portion of the floor to collapse. Eight rare, one-of-a-kind Corvettes with an estimated value of more than a million dollars fell into the sinkhole. Twenty more cars in the same portion of the museum were quickly moved to temporary housing before the right sports cars were fished from the giant hole.

Corvette Museum Facts

  • Weather permitting, the Corvette Museum is open 8am-5pm, 7 days a week with the last admission tickets sold at 4:30.
  • The museum sponsors the Corvette Hall of Fame for individuals that have been involved with the famous automobile or made significant contributions to the history of the Corvette.
  • Only two to four people are inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame.
  • The Corvette Museum is closed New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day
  • The National Corvette Museum opened back up to the public one day after a sinkhole swallowed eight cars in 2014.
  • The Museum is located at 350 Corvette Dr. Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101
  • Chevrolet welcomes new Corvette buyers to pick up their car at the museum and take a VIP tour while they’re there.
The 1960 Corvette
The 60’s style Corvette is often considered one of the most attractive production vehicles of all time.

Corvette Facts

  • The Corvette has only ever been produced in three different cities. Flint, Bowling Green, and St. Louis.
  • The only color option for the 1953 Corvette was Polo White with red interior.
  • There is only one 1983 model Corvette known to exist, and it’s on display at the National Corvette Museum.
  • The Corvette has been used as the pace car of the Indianapolis 500 more times han any other vehicle.
  • The Jaguar XK120 was part of the inspiration for the first Corvette.
  • The 1963 Split Window only existed for one year because designers Bill Mitchell and Zora Arkus-Duntov disagreed on the design
  • The first Corvette retailed for $3,513 in 1953.
  • The original 1953 Corvette offered only 2 options for upgrades, a $91 heater, and an AM radio for $145.
  • In 1960, GM gave all the Mercury 7 astronauts brand new Corvettes for publicity purposes.
  • The original Corvette logo featured the checkered flag crossed with the American flag. When the designers realized it violated the US flag code they changed it.