Jerome, Arizona

The little mining town turned little ghost town.

Rusting trucks of Jerome, Arizona

High above the desert floor, Jerome, Arizona is an old mining town. With renovated old buildings and plenty of ruins from days passed the ghost town has turned into a blossoming tourist attraction and day-trip from Phoenix, Flagstaff, or Sedona.  A steep hill filled with switchbacks and twists serves as the main street and here visitors are able to find shops, restaurants, and even a few hotels for those interested in staying the night.  Jerome is a unique town and has enough interesting and strange sites to fill up a full day of walking around.

Jerome Facts

  • Built on the clay ground, the Sliding Jail has slowly slipped 2,500 feet from its original location.
  • What is now ruins and rubble, The Bartlett Hotel was in a previous life the most beautiful and stately building in town.
  • The highest building in the Verde Valley is the Jerome Grand Hotel. Built in 1927, there are some great views to be had from this once stately building.

Travel Tips

  • Take good shoes:  Since the ground is largely clay and it is known to rain unexpectedly in this part of the state walking can get a little tricky if it’s slippery.
  • Check out the Gold King Mine Museum and Jerome State Historic Park, both of which have plenty of information about the history of this little town.