Eagle of the Rock (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Eagle of the Rock
Photo by Cliff

Eagle of the Rock, also called Presidential Eagle, is a sculpture by Sandy Scott on President Clinton Avenue in Little Rock, Arkansas just the west of the entrance to Clinton Presidential Park. One of the original six sculptures placed in the River Market in 2004, the eagle and rock is cast in bronze and stands on a limestone base.

Sandy Scott was known throughout the 1970s as an artist most famous for her sporting scene etchings and moved to sculpture in the 1980s. The primary focus of her works have been birds and wildlife. The Eagle of the Rock is only one her of her internationally famous works but is just one small part of the River Market Sculpture Promenade.

Eagle of the Rock Facts

  • The sculpture was donated by the Jennings Osborne family.
  • The River Market Sculpture Promenade is operated by the non-profit organization Sculpture at the River Market (SATRM)
  • The sculpture and surrounding park is known as Osborne Plaza.
  • There are more than 90 public works at the Sculpture Promenade.