The World’s Largest Lobster (Shediac, New Brunswick)

The World's Largest Lobster

Where else would you find the largest lobster in the world but in “The Lobster Capital of the World” of Shediac, New Brunswick.  The 11 meter long, 5 meter tall lobster made of steel reinforced concrete was designed by Canadian Artist Winston Bronnum.  Canada’s giant lobster is a perfect example of what a roadside attraction should be, it’s a local landmark, it’s beautifully constructed, and it’s relevant to the community.  Commissioned by the Shediac Rotary Club as a fitting tribute to the local lobster industry, “The World’s Largest Lobster” was built in 1989 at a cost of $170,000.

Despite its name, “The World’s Largest Lobster” is in fact not the largest in the world.  The actual largest lobster in the world currently resides in Rosetown, South Australia and they simple call it the Big Lobster.

The Largest Lobster Facts

  • The Lobster attracts more than half a million visitors each year.
  • The sculpture took three years to complete.
  • The monument stands at 11 m (35 ft.) in length, 5 m (16 ft.) in width and 5 m (16 ft.) in height. Why is it called the World’s Largest Lobster?
  • The entire sculpture weighs around 90 tonnes with the lobster alone weighing 55 tonnes.
  • There is a staircase on the pedestal allowing visitors to climb the monument for better pictures with the giant crustacean.