The “Fab Four” Beatles Statue (Liverpool, England)

The Fab Four sculpture in Liverpool, England

For a large portion of the world Liverpool, England is known for one thing.  Being the birthplace of the Beatles.  And while there are plenty of things that make Liverpool a great place to visit, being the birthplace of one of the most iconic bands in the history of history is definitely high on the list.  As long as people continue to flock to the north of England to connect with the history of the Beatles, Liverpool will continue to play up the important role it played in their creation.  The bronze sculpture depicts the famous band walking down the street and is placed on Liverpool’s Pier Head. Weighing 1.2 tonnes, it was given to the city by the Cavern Club, the venue synonymous with The Beatles before they rose to fame in the 1960’s.

Located just outside the entrance to the Mersey Ferry terminal at the Pier Head, the statue is an over sized tribute to Liverpool’s most famous sons.  Since its unveiling, the Fab Four has become the most popular site for tourist photos in the entire city, which is saying a lot since the city is actually pretty beautiful and has an incredible waterfront.

The Fab Four statue was sculpted by Noted British sculptor Andrew Edwards, who also created the All Together Now Christmas Truce WWI (an equally powerful sculpture) and cast at Castle Fine Art Foundry Ltd. It was designed as a way to connect the past, present, and future of Liverpool together with the living history of The Beatles.  A way to keep a connection with The Beatles as they were when they were young and full of hope.  Sculptor Andy Edwards said he hoped his statue would become “a place of ritual” for people to come together.  It was also important to Edwards that the statue not include instruments, gimmicks, or for that part explanation.  It represents a moment in time that shot Liverpool into the international conscience, and started the city down a path from which it would never return.

The Deputy Mayor of Liverpool Ann O’Byrne said at the unveiling of the Fab Four, “talk to anyone in or outside the city about our history and you can guarantee The Beatles will get a mention, so it feels right that this sculpture of these iconic men stands proudly on our iconic waterfront.”

Fab Four Facts

  • The last show The Beatles played in Liverpool was at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.
  • It’s the city’s most popular selfie spot!
  • The figures are larger than life size and weigh 1.2 tonnes in total.
  • They were sculpted by Andrew Edwards who also created the All Together Now Christmas Truce WWI statue.
  • The acorns in John Lennon’s hand were cast from ones picked up outside the Dakota building in New York.
  • John Lennon’s sister Julia Baird and Liverpool deputy mayor Cllr Ann O’Byrne officially unveiled the giant bronze of the Fab Four today.
  • At the dedication, Julia Baird, said that “the statue stands in loving memory of the best band in the world, the band that leapt from The Cavern stage to worldwide recognition.”
  • December 5, 1965 was the last show The Beatles played in Liverpool.
  • The depiction of the band walking along the Mersey reflects a real photo shoot that took place in 1963.

Visiting the Fab Four

  • Since it is the most popular site for photos in the city it is best to get there early in the morning before a line starts to form.
  • Getting there early in the morning gives you the worst possible photos since the sunlight is at the back of the statue.
  • Be prepared to spend some time there if you want a photo without loads of other people from around the world in it.
  • The evening, as the sun sets across the Mersey, the band are bathed in light which makes for a great sight but pretty much everyone in the world knows this and are there to snap the same photo.
  • Don’t be afraid to take an umbrella.
  • There are other sites to see nearby and the Fab Four is walking distance from the British Music Experience, and the Museum of Liverpool.

The Fab Four Details

  • Paul McCartney is carrying a camera, which is likely a nod to his relationship with Linda Eastman who was a photographer.
  • John Lennon has two acorns in his hand. In June of 1968, Yoko Ono and John Lennon planted two acorns in the garden of Coventry Cathedral, England.
  • Ringo Starr has L8 on his shoe which is a reference to his childhood Postcode in Liverpool.
  • George Harrison has Sanskrit writing on the belt of his coat (I do not know what it says).

The Beatles set-list for their last Liverpool show.

  1. “I Feel Fine”
  2. “She’s a Woman”
  3. “If I Needed Someone”
  4.  “Act Naturally”
  5. “Nowhere Man”
  6. “Baby’s in Black”
  7.  “Help!”
  8.  “We Can Work It Out”
  9. “Yesterday”
  10.  “Day Tripper”
  11.  “I’m Down”