The Big Chicken (Marietta, Georgia)

The Big Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken is not generally known for their unique restaurant design, but in Marietta, Georgia The Big Chicken is definitely unique.  Built in 1963, as Johnny Reb’s Chick, Chuck and Shake, the 56 foot (17 meter) tall chicken was designed by Georgia Tech architecture student Hubert Puckett.  Fabricated by Atlantic Steel in Atlanta, the novelty architecture building serves as a local landmark, famous roadside attraction, as well as a functional restaurant and gift shop.

S.R. “Tubby” Davis sold the restaurant to his brother and it was turned into a KFC franchise in 1974.  A severe storm in 1993 badly damaged The Big Chicken and the franchise owner considered removing it all together.  Thanks to a healthy amount of local protest it was decided that the chicken would stand.  In 2017 the chicken underwent a $2 million renovation.

It should be noted that while there is technically a gift shop filled with items such as t-shirts and Christmas ornaments, it can take some time and patience if you want to purchase anything.