The Bakersfield Fox Theater

The Historic Fox Theater (Bakersfield, California)

Opened on Christmas Day, 1930, The Fox Theater in downtown Bakersfield, California, most commonly referred to as the Fox, is a historic performing arts and community events center. With events ranging from ballet to contemporary

Dewar's Candy Bakersfield

Dewar’s Candy (Bakersfield, California)

Originally known as The Chocolate Shop, Dewar’s Candy in Bakersfield, California, was started 1909 by the brothers James H., and George Dewar. Dewar’s Candy has survived in its current location, as a family owned business

Big Shoe cobbler in Bakersfield, California

The Big Shoe (Bakersfield, California)

The Big Shoe is a novelty architecture building shaped like shoe in Bakersfield, California. Or rather it is a building shaped like a shoe from the 1940’s, which puts it perfectly in line with the