Laura’s Candies (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Laura's Candies
Photo by Ian Sarad

Established in 1913, Laura’s Candies stands as the oldest candy shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the heart of the French Quarter, Laura’s offers a combination of traditional New Orleans confections that have helped them last more than 100 years, and modern twists that will insure their next hundred slip by with little worry. Many of the recipes date to the 19th century and there is a distinct Cajun twist to some of their items that offers a little bit of true Louisiana flavor.

Laura’s in many ways plays an important role in keeping the history of the praline and what it has meant to New Orleans alive by bringing the flavor to so many tourists and locals alike. It’s near impossible to overstate the importance of the Creole Praline, not just for Laura’s, but for the modern evolution of New Orleans as a whole. The pecan candy was one of the earliest of America’s street foods, and was for a long time a means for emancipated black women to make a living of their own with their uniquely American twist on a traditional French confection. The candy that is often overlooked in a city so filled with debauchery, should be heralded as symbol of the rich black culinary tradition and heritage of the region that blossomed long before civil rights.

Laura’s Candies Facts

  • Laura’s Candies was featured on Food Network’s Giada’s Weekend Getaways.
  • The special features at Laura’s are their famous Mississippi Mud, and traditional Creole Pralines.
  • Address: 331 Chartes St., New Orleans, LA 70130