Exorcist Stairs (Washington D.C.)

The Exorcist Stairs in Washington DC
Photo by Rudi Riet

Located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. at the corner of Prospect St NW and 36th St NW, The Exorcist Steps are famous for being featured in the film The Exorcist. The stone steps were built in 1895 by Capital Traction Company during construction of the Car Barn and lead down to M Street NW/Canal Road NW.

The Steps are known in the film as the location of the death Father Damien Karras. It may just be that they are known from the movie, but there is something inherently creepy about them even during the day.

Exorcist Steps Facts

  • For the movie The Exorcist, the steps were padded with half inch thick rubber mats.
  • The stuntman had to fall down the steps twice.
  • There is a plaque at the base of the steps recognizing their importance to D.C. and film history.
  • On Halloween of 2015, The Exorcist Steps were recognized as a D.C. landmark and official tourist attraction by Mayor of the District of Columbia Muriel Bowser.